Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra


The Sri Yantra is one of humankind’s most ancient symbols. For many millennia the Sri Yantra has been used to invoke good fortune, wealth, health, and as an aid for meditation.Nowadays, various research scientists have shown interest in this ancient Vedic yantra. The renowned American physicist Dr. Patrick Flanagan calls the Sri Yantra the ‘king of power diagrams’ and describes its energetic effect as seventy times greater than that of a pyramid construction.

This means that a three centimetre Sri Yantra possesses a greater energetic effect than a two metre pyramid. The Sri Yantra’s extraordinary energetic power depends upon its exact geometry. This complex geometry is the key to its effect and has interesting mathematical implications.In this yantra you find not only the ‘Golden Section’ but also parallels to the geometrical structure of the hydrogen atom and to the ratios of its emission lines. In line with the original Sri Yantra, we (the international Vasati company) have precisely reconstructed the Sri Yantra’s exact geometry and have given it a synergetic colouring. The Sri Yantra is auspiciously placed in the north or north-east of a room or building. The flat side of the central triangle (with a dot in the centre) should face upwards. The Sri Yantra can also energise food, beverages, or other things. Simply place appropriate items on the yantra and let them stand there for a few minutes (the longer the better).

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